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Letter #1 that I'll never send

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I'm actually sensing closure

it breathes upon my lips with every shift in the breeze

the singing amongst the birds in the trees

singing so gayly


I see the magic again

my heart feels whole

the air smells clean

My thoughts aren't mean

so softly the rain does fall

upon the ground the sight

of sparrows, robins, and geese

I can taste the day approaching

I see with thine eyes

I want to taste wine with your thighs

It's getting colder

hands feel stiffer

slightly shaking

the clouds rub together, quaking



Letter #1 That I will never send.


Hey there,


I guess you are wondering, "how the hell have you been?" the truth is, I'm doing ok, that's all I can do, for now. How are you doing? That's great, you look really good, it's so good seeing you, ok take care now, bye bye"


I never told you this but I actually loved the way you described things, even if they were boring they were brought to life with your boring words, that never seemed to stop.


I actually feel beauty when I think of you, at times that's all we were, so beautiful. I thank you so much for that, for that experience.


If we were together right now, and you were happy

you'd probably give our cat a bath right now

& I loved that

I think I'm finally able to let you go, and let you share your love

and I am able to reshare mine

There's totally a cloud floating over me right now that is in the exact shape of your boobs,

One cute and perky with a nipple I just want to kiss

& then there's the other one























You know I loved her too, lightning for stretch marks, kinda sagging to the right a little bit?


I just wanted to say, thanks.

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