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The hardest part for me right now is missing the ex's body. I fell in love with the curves of my ex's body, and I guess that is making it harder to move on. There are girls with curves otu there, and I guess sex is just sex, but damn. Anyone else feel this can sometimes be the hardest part?

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Sure, it can be extremely difficult going from regular sex with someone you feel comfortable with and who you find extremely hot, to all of a sudden...no cuddles, no sex, no longer getting to touch that sexy body and being close.


It's lust.


Not saying it is fun, but it IS an opportunity in getting a hold of sexual urges and focusing the mind elsewhere.


Otherwise you'll drive yourself nuts.


But I don't think there is anything at all unusual about missing the exs body. It's normal, especially if you were attracted to them all the way to the end.

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