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Day 3 of diet .. am I eating too much?

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i weigh 73 kilos and would like to be 60. I am serious about sticking to my diet this time! Here is what I have eaten so far. Please tell me if its too much or I am eating something wrong as I went on the scales after 3 days of my diet which I thought was great and it said 74?


day 1

breakfast banana

coffee with milk and sugar

lunch portion of cooked carrots and tomatoes

coffee with milk and sugar

snack melon

dinner salad with oil and vinegar

desert banana


day 2

breakfast banana

lunch bowl of tuna and cucumber

snack yoghurt

dinner cold slices of ham and tomatoes, picnic style

desert apple

glass of wine


day 3

breakfast banana

lunch large fried turkey breast, large salad of tomatoes, avocado and sweetcorn


Maybe I didnt lose, but gained one kilo because of what I ate today? I was at a family lunch so couldnt avoid eating the turkey breast.


Maybe I am eating too much, what do you think????? Thanks a lot!!!!

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I should add I have been trying to diet sine January. I was nearly 80 kilos after christmas. I managed to get down to 75 by mid feb which was great. But ever since I am completely stuck between 75 and 72, its fluctuates and even if I am 72 one day I can be 74 or 75 the next. I need to get below the 70s this time!

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That seems like about a fifth of the food you need to be eating, it depends on portions of course. Why don't you get a book and stick to the daily suggestions? That way you know you are eating well and healthily.


A lot of weight fluctuation is about water. I can weigh 6 pounds more in the evening quite easily! And most women gain a few pounds the week of their period. It's water. Dieting doesn't really affect it. Don't forget to factor in exercise. Google 'healthy sliming' or something.

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That's a pretty bad diet because you are under-eating. Losing weight isn't necessarily about eating the least amount of food possible, it's about eating healthily, and exercising. Calculate the amount of calories you need to maintain yourself, then go 500 or so below it. Eat whole grains, lean meats, and protein. Also try to exercise while you're at it.

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exactly... you are eating very little. Eat healthy, you HAVE to maintain healthy diet if you want to lose weight, just cut the nonessential part out.


Follow simple baby steps. don't overwhelm yourself. You are not an actress who needs to lose weight in 1 week. Make rules and stick with them. You will look good and feel best.


1) cut sugar out. You don't need it. Your body converts fruits, grains, vegetables, pretty much all you eat into glucose. What is non digested is thrown out.

2) cut out anything white. white rice, white bread, white pasta, etc.

3) cut out fatty foods, oils, mayo, some salad dressings, butter, etc.

4) eat big breakfast, eat big lunch, pig out on veggies in the evening,

5) cut out carrots, they have sugar in them.

6) Exercise, start with walking. Walk as many miles as you can. Walk slowly. It doesn't matter much. Your body will slowly adapt and be able to walk faster.

7) when you crave for something sweet, chew sugar free gum, or drink flavored (e.g. crystal lite) water.

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Just to contribute something, make sure you weigh yourself at the same time of the day when you do weigh yourself. I'd recommend doing it in the morning because it's the time with the least variation in the day, and you weigh the least in the morning. Don't weigh yourself too often either. Try to keep it down to once a week. That way you won't get impatient, and you'll be able to see your results between weigh ins better.

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I think that you may not be eating enough, like some others have said. Fruits and veggies are good, but i think it would be a good idea to add in some whole grains (breads, rice, etc) and a bit more protein as well. If you're currently weighing yourself often, i would suggest to take a big break from doing that. I also seemed to be stuck at a certain weight for a while (after losing the first few lbs, like you described), and when i stopped checking it as often, i started noticing more results and the number went down.

Also treat yourself to something that you really love to eat once a week or so- doing that has been really helpful for me.

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Your weight will fluctuate on a daily basis.


If you're looking to lose healthy weight you have to write everything you eat, just like keeping tracking of your money. Without it, you could be eating too much or not enough. Sites like link removed have excellent tool to keep track of your food intake. You want to target 500 calories less than your target caloric intake for maintenance.


The big difference is when you start losing more fat, which can be found easily by using fat calipers. The scale could throw you off sometimes so I would do both. Sometimes you'll lose more fat in the end while gain little bit of muscle. The difference in numbers may not be huge but in reality you've lost more healthy weight compared to people on strict diet that limits nutrients and only going for the numbers.


Do you know your daily caloric intake needs? You could get a general idea by putting your numbers here: link removed


The adjustment will come after you consistently take down your food intake, exercise log, fat and weight measurements and tweak them over time

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that does seem a bit on the low calorie side as far as being enough a day goes. i'd have to know how much you have all of that spaced out.


i did notice all of the fruit you eat is great, but it's a lot of sugar. also, i'd avoid avacado anything if you want to lose weight.

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