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I suppose this is more like a rant rather than asking for advice.


I've been going out with this girl for around 10 months now. I'm 23, she's 20. At first, the relationship started out as a summer fling, but as we dated and spend more time together, our chemistry grew and we really hit it off. We've been seeing each other almost everyday ever since, and we've always enjoyed each other's company.


She has a very outgoing and active personality, and she loves to prove herself to the world. While on the other hand, I'm a more reserved, relaxed and laid back person who don't value competition as much. Basically, we're like complete opposites of each other, but at the same time, since all the guys she's dated has always been hard headed and hot tempered, she really liked this change in environment, because I was a very good listener, was very attentive to details, and I treated her very well. Although there were times we still got into arguments due to my more laid back nature.


The comparison she gave me was that I was a very good tasting salad, but what she really loved was a meaty burger. She liked the salad a lot, and she believes that it's also a better choice in the long run, but she still has the cravings for a meat burger sometimes. I understood her analogy, but personality is personality, it's not something that can be changed so easily, but I still tried my damn best to bring her what's my best.


However, for the past while, I've already felt that she's been slipping away from me. She used to have me call her every single night, otherwise she would refuse to go to sleep, and she would send me text messages every once a little while.


Finally, last night, on our 10th month anniversary, neither of us could hold it in anymore, and we had a long fight/talk about the issue. She said she has lost her feelings for me. While she still enjoys my company, there is no longer a sense of love anymore. She said she still cares a lot about me, and don't want me to disappear from her life, but I don't believe that is possible. I can't see her as anyone but my girlfriend, and because I still like her very much.


We've agreed on a break for now, but neither of us have any solid answers yet. Another problem that is coming up soon is we originally have a vacation planned in less than a week, and the tickets are non-refundable now.


I really don't know what to do. I've asked her to give this relationship another try, even though I knew it was going to be futile. I don't really have much options right now, and my brain is not working in a very logical manner as well. I could use some logical thinking help right now... Sigh.


One more question for everyone.


Is it actually possible for someone to develop feelings again for somebody that you've lost the feelings for?

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