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Can't stop thinking about her...its been a year!


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For you guys to understand the question, you have to know the background. I'll try to make it brief!


In June of 09 I took a one week tour to a country in Europe with a tour group. Upon my arrival at the airport, in Europe, there were two girls waiting who were part of the group. I immediately fell head over heels with one of them. I felt like a little kid in grade school with a crush, she was just my type. I was talking to them, and felt like she didn't like me...she wasn't mean...but kind of distant. But I started joking with both of them and they were receptive, joking back.


As we went about our tour, we met everyone else and she began doing things. I would catch her looking, then looking away during tours. One time she just came up to me with a bottle of water, and she said, "for you...you looked hot". I found this really weird. She was doing things for me without knowing me.


Around the second night, the whole tour went to Karoakke. She had a bit too much to drink and was all over me. She wouldn't let me go, hugging me, she even made out with me. Her friend just observed from a distance, but let her do it...as if she knew, her friend liked me all along. As we walked back to our hotel, I asked her where all this was coming from, she told me she was extremely shy but that she liked me. Her friend gave us our distance, but reminded her that she was seeing someone back home.


The next day, we talked as we walked...but she remained shy. She told me that what she did was a mistake, that she was seeing someone back home, but that she did like me. She would ask me if I wanted to go to dinner with her and her friend during the tour, doing cute things like slipping notes under my door.


The last night, I took her aside and told her I liked her. She said she felt the same. I said we should keep in touch and she agreed. Before I left, I slipped a note under her door. She messaged me when I got back to the states on facebook, saying she had gotten the note and had woken up to brush her teeth and go say bye to me, but I had left.


I like this girl...I really like her. Ocassionally she would message me on facebook saying hello. The last message I sent her, she didnt respond, but I dont take that to heart.


It's been a year and I still think about her. She was exactly my type.


Just to give you a description about this girl, she is pretty, but very shy..and very humble.


I want to write her a letter through facebook, since its my only form of contact, telling her of my feelings...because I just believe shes the girl for me. I am never EVER forward with girls like I am about to be now, but I see no other choice. She lives in another country and there is no time for flirting anymore or dates.


Advice, comments, suggestions?

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There's romance and then there's reality. It seems like you two had a nice thing and you can certainly write her a letter, but what can you realistically expect to come from it if you live in different countries? Are you going to move based on a one-week fling? Is she? If either of you would consider it, no offense, but you're nuts!


Go ahead and write her, but keep your expectations in line.

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Does she still have a boyfriend? If yes, I don't see it going anywhere as she's in a different country. If no, then call her or use skype instead. Messages on facebook lack emotion.*


*There's also the facebook video option. I used with an ex- when she got mad at me and didn't want to see me. It worked better than usual messages.

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