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should i try? 2 yrs later?


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ok this might be long but im going to make this as short as i can.


so when i first started my new job a girl would make herself notice. and try really hard. TWO YEARS AGO. it was clear she had the hots for me. i didnt know how to respond ( for many reasons, first real job, etc). I decided to be friends and if anything happens it happens but i wasnt chasing. we go to lunch, I didnt pay to make it clear it wasnt a date etc.


everythings cool, a week later i ask her again. she does her "not sure what im doing, maybe" speech again. and then she gives me a speech. how she needs to save money, saving for school, is busy, has alot of work, etc etc. it wasnt like no thanks not today but i took it as, BEAT IT. and well thats what i did. i said to myself she doesnt even want to go to lunch so its clear she doesnt even want to be friends so just leave her alone.


The next time she sees me, its like nothing even happended and she is like flirting with me. I am very casual around her now, making it clear I am respecting her.


I am pissed now. I am trying to respect her and leave her alone but she keeps making herself noticed like she did from the start. I dont understand this so I just ignore her.


she is pissed. I can see it in her body lang now. Im pissed too for the way she confused me so im not talking to her. lol


thats when things go nutz. for example, one time i was talking to some friends and she runs over, starts rubbing on my buddy making it clear she was just trying to make me jealous etc. another time i was fixing her pc and she comes in front of her desk, bends over and shakes her *beeps* in front of me lol. another time, sees me runs up to me puts her arm around me and rubs her *beep* on me. and the list goes on lol. i ignore her every single time as to not feed her.


because of the way she would mess with me, i refused to talk to her. she finally gave up on me and ignored me. thats how the past 2 years has been lol. however i have picked up signs during this time that she is still clearly pissed and craving my attn. im sure she has picked up signs also.


to make this short, recently now when we pass i notice she would make eye contact, and hold it. we now say hello and she is making strong eye contact. she will notice me from accross the room, and when i notice she will look alway. out of no where the otherday she gave a big smile. i acted as i didnt notice. im still pissed off and not sure if i even want to talk to her. i dont understand why she would want to either. she is not being casual right now. she is either interested or bored in life and trying to see if she can get me hooked.


can she still not be done with me? lol its been 2 years. we wernt even in the same building for 1 of those years because we moved to a new building and my dept was the first ones to move over, then a 6months ago everyone else moved over.

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Does she do this with everyone or just you? Have you talked to anyone in your office about this, does she do it to any one else in the office? How old is this girl, she sounds immature.


doh lol. she is 23 or 24 now. she is very out going, but she is not casual with me. I have not noticed her like this with anyone else.

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That is what I figured. This is one of those work situations where there isn't a lot you can do. You can't change another person -- you can only change your own reactions and one thing is be the better person and don't sink to her level. I think she wants to get something out of you, some sort of feeling. Limit your contact with your her to strictly work issues. No little chats; nothing but work, be the better person and don't give her what she wants.

Keep your head down; do your job; stay out of her way. If it keeps affecting your ability to do your job, then your only other option is to find some where else to work.

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I think she wants to get something out of you, some sort of feeling.


does everyone agree? i would actually be interested in seeing her intentions and seeing if i could flip it and maybe even * * * * her hahaha. but im worried about her playing games and me running into a brick wall.

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