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I feel like such a horrible person at the moment.


I am confused about whether i have made the right decision or not. Basically my ex and i broke up last year and we were on/off since then but ended up being off because he had commitment issues and didn't think he could offer me the things i wanted in life (buy a house, have a family etc).


He basically hurt me pretty badly and eventually told me he never wanted to see/hear from me and that he wanted nothing to do with me (because i asked how he could just give up on us).


Afterwards i thought i'd move on and start dating, not expecting to meet anyone however i did. I met a new guy who is really great and treats me really well. We have heaps of fun together.


However 1 week after i started dating the new guy my ex came back. He'd had a major family problem and he was extremely depressed etc. He did some thinking and realised how stupid he had been letting me go and realised that he wanted me back and that he would offer me the things i wanted.


He even started saving for a holiday as a surprise graduation gift for me.


I feel so guilty because i can't decide between my ex and the new bloke. My new guy is really great and i do like him a lot. Everyone i know says he's great etc and my ex is a jerk.


The hard part is that i really do love my ex. We were together for 2 years and lived together for 6 months.


I ended up picking the new guy but i keep having this feeling like maybe i did make the wrong decision. Its not constant but does come around every couple of days.


I feel so guilty i was honest and told the new guy how i was feeling and he was quite understanding (which makes it even harder beause he is so nice about it)


How do you get through this? Do you pick someone who you love but no one else likes and has hurt you quite substantially? Or do you pick someone who you dont love yet, and just put up with the doubts till they disappear?



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Take some time and think about what you really want. There's no point in staying with this new guy if you're still thinking about your ex.


Are your doubting yourself because you want to get back with the ex? I mean, keep in mind, that at one point he hurt you and said he never wanted to see you again. Can you be sure he won't do it again?

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