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Is he actually into me?


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My sister's boyfriend is trying to hook me up with his friend he has know all his life. Most of my family already knows and really likes the guy. We met and all hung out and just watched a movie. The next day he told him i was cute.


Well that was it for months i forgot about it, till we ran into each other at a store. He then asked about me and if i was single still. He said that at the time everything was too complicated in his life with his ex and all.


A couple months later we all partied and he told my sisters boyfriend he wishes he could be with me, later that night he hit on me and we made out.

He kept talking about the next time we will be together and how i should come and hang out at his apartment.


The next day he had my sisters boyfriend give me his cell.

We texted a little but when i try and make plans he is too busy.

He said he had to work one day, then he had his kids for the weekend.

But if he actually liked me wouldn't he set up a time to get together later?

I told him to just text me whenever he wants to hang, no biggie.

He replied Will do!


Does he like me?


Sorry for the long story, but no one is giving me any good advice.


I should add his ex wife was a terror and he is really shy and has been alone a while.

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That's a difficult question to answer. How long was he with his ex? How long has he been out of the relationship? How old is he? How old are his kids? How often does he see them? His children may play a pretty significant role in his ability to start a new relationship. If he's a good dad he's going to put them first, and things may need to settle down before he can think about dating you. He sounds like he likes you, but is a little confused. If you really think he's worth it then I would wait it out and send him a text every once in ahwile just to see how he's doing. I wouldn't try to make plans. If he likes you he'll come to you when he's ready.

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He was married to her for 13 yrs. She abused him, actually hit him and threw things at him.

She cheated on him. He is 33 yrs old. His kids are like 5 and 3. He is always doing all the running for them, he has to pick them up from daycare and he has them every other weekend.


I just figured if a guy likes someone he would try and at least see her a little.

I see your point though. He is dealing with a lot. I will just back off and wait till next week and just text him to say hi and ask how he's doing.


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Yeah, he got back with his ex. He did not even bother to let me know. He blew all his friends off too. Everyone told me he was such a great guy and i trusted him. He knew i that i had not been with anyone in 13 years. Oh well, you learn the hard way. thanks for all your help

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