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Accommodation in Paris


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My daughter lives outside Paris, says have a look at the 'Peace and Love' hostel - about 20 Euros a night, is staying there soon but so far has only seen the outside, but researched it and says it's supposed to be one of the top ten hostels in Paris. Looks like slightly mixed reviews online - but how long will you actually be in the building anyway?? If you Google it you will bring up the Cheap Accommodation in Paris' site.

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Just saw this - what neighborhood? In a place like Paris it makes more sense to pick a neighborhood you'd like to stay in and then pick a hotel, just because there are so many.


The two I could recommend would be:

- in the 16th, very close to the Trocadero, Le Parc Trocadero - avenue Raymond Poincare

- in the 7th, close to the Champs de Mars - Le Cadran. It's a small modern hotel but it's nice and quiet.


It really depends on where you want to be - "fun neighborhood", something a little more quiet. The 7th (that part of the 7th esp) and 16th are good in terms of being close to nice restaurants, your typical beautiful Paris streets, cafes, quiet, residential - and quite close to some big Paris landmarks - but they're not in the heart of the "action" in terms of nightlife and what's happening. For that, somewhere near the Champs Elysee, in the Marais or Quartier Latin would be the best.

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Decent for the price range you're after. The rooms are small but clean, besides- who goes to Paris to stay in their room? 2 subway stops within a block each, and within walking distance of the Louvre, Georges Pompideau Centre (sp?), Les Halles, the Marais quarter....Good location in general, although not the st. Germain area...


You may also want to look into short-term apartment rentals. They're everywhere and great value. They have a kitchenette, so you can do some basic groceries, and make your own breakfast etc...Nothing like the Monoprix to make you feel like a local-ha!

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I know Hermes. I have actually been to Paris 4 or 5 times and I do love it. But to be honest I prefer getting out of Paris and down to the South West. France is by far my favourite place in teh world (besides Australia of course!!)

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