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My ex's email and texts...PLEASE ADVICE?


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Really need someone's advice right now...


My ex (3.5 years) 4 months breakup sent me a strange email and shocking text recently. I was the dumpee.


She rebounded quickly, but apparently that ended badly for her. She called me last week, first time we spoke in several weeks, and has been texting me a bit since ( I have been responding, but trying to keep my distance). She's clearly depressed and lonely.


Monday she sent me an email talking about how she heard "our song" for the first time on her Pandora and a link to the song "The Scientist" by Coldplay, which is ALL about wanting to get back with your ex!! The link only shows the lyrics..(I didn't respond)


Then, Tuesday she sent me two texts "u are a good man" and "a nice thoughtful sincere smart accepting respectful affectionate guy is RARE and u are one"


* * * ??? One on hand I am mad, on the other it makes me feel really good to hear those compliments. A relationship is impossible between us b/c we live so far apart. Can someone please tell me how to (or if?) I should respond to this? And if she is trying to reach out to get back together? I am baffled at this point.

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Well, it's impossible b/c I moved 6 hrs away from her. She has her dream job, and I have my own decent job now. Since I made the leap of faith to her place, I will never move back for her. So in this way, I feel it is pretty much impossible anyway. I want to see her again. I actually told her this when we spoke last week. She concurred. But, I was also very critical of her and her actions post breakup.

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well it's been 1.5 months since they broke up...so I wonder if it is just now hitting her that I might be gone for good? she said last week she didn't think she would ever hear from me again.


then don't let her?

if you know this wont work, the easiest way is to stay in NC. Cowardly, but easy. Harder is to contact her and explain it won't work, and to stop calling. GL with either.

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