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We like each other... but we don't have time for a relationship?

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I met a girl who I finally can see myself being with. She is everything I'm looking for.. and I thought that it was perfect.. but nothing is perfect. We ended up jumping into a quick relationship when we first met. It felt great and she told me that she hadn't dated anyone seriously in a few years. She mentioned that she was too independent to be in a relationship and I understand how a relationship can pull a bit of independence out but.. i think that she would settle down with me if I took an honest approach. Our relationship only lasted about a week and we both noticed that it probably wasnt a good idea seeing as how we hardly knew one another and it was at the end of our semester in college... I discussed this further with her last night just so that there was no confusion about "us". We are just friends with the possibility of something more come fall.. we are going to use the summer to get to know each other more.. and come fall we will make a choice to mature this into something or just leave it as friends. I was hopefully satisfied with this result.. but she then mentioned that her class schedule for the next year was very long and stressful... and she wasn't sure if she could handle a relationship on top of school. She told me that she had wished we met last year.. cause we could have made things work.. next year is both of our final years in college... so i don't have long to wait. Im running into trouble because we both admitted that we like each other and that our personallities go hand in hand but the timing isn't right...


So what can I do?


Is it fair to let these feeling rot inside of me and just go looking for someone else? or do I show her that life sometimes throws you curve balls and you find a way to deal with them?


We both are independent young adults... Our education will always come before social life... so Im not going to be mad if we dont see each other till evenings because of school..


For those who are in a relationship already... with both of you going to school.. you have little time to spend with each other but you make it work right?

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Hmmmm...I guess I just believe if you really like someone and you want to be with them you make the time. If you can't see eachother you can text, email, call in your spare time. I dated a guy through college and we would study together or at the same time if we were studying different subjects. Just knowing he was next to me made me feel close to him.


I would see how the summer goes. If you are both attached nothing will stand in your way once the fall semester starts.

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