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UTI, Kidney infection, traveling woes...

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Any input from people who have been through this before is desperately needed, if you have some sort of medical experience, please mention it!


Around a month ago, i was strongly suspicious that I had a UTI (burning during peeing, peeing every three minutes, really needing to go all the time) so I got some uva ursa tea from the pharmacy to get rid of it. BIG mistake.


A week later, in a different country, I went to the emergancy room because my back felt like it would rip off. They prescribed me Ciprofloxacin. A few days later, I was peeing blood, so I went back and they changed my prescription to lidaprim forte, which contains trimethoprim and sulfametrol. Three days later, on my very uncomfortable travels to yet another country, I lost my meds. Immediately I went to the pharmacy and told them what I needed, and they gave me a generic antibiotic containing trimethoprim but not sulfametrol. I felt much better, and eventually I stopped peeing black. I took my antibiotics till they were gone, and now the people here won't let me talk to a doctor about my newest complaint, because I admitted that I'm not feeling any pain anymore.


I am peeing green, and I'm exhausted constantly. I know I need to see a doctor, the question is, should I wait a month till I'm back in my homeland, or should I make an emergancy trip there right now?

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what a cute kiddo you have there!


yep, it's a murky kind of olive green, I thought it might have been food related (traveling, junk food, etc) but it's been that way for over a week now. I guess I'll have to go back to emergancy room and complain of pain until I see a real doctor. Thanks!

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The peeing blood you mentioned earlier reminded me of when my daughter had kidney stones so large they block her eurethra (sp). Her pee was so bloody, my poor baby.


I have never heard of green pee though. You really should demand that a doctor see you.

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Yeah, i just called a friend who speaks the native language... he'll come over and take me there. They didn't want to take me in the emergency room last time I went, they were very rude ("You can walk, you can talk, you don't have pain. Make an appointment like everyone else!") but I'm thinking it might be an emergency after all.

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