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Advice for new sexual experiences with partner???


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My gf and I have been talking about trying some new things sexually and we just wanted to get some ideas from other people on what we should consider trying.


We have recently been talking about having a threesome with another girl but don't really know how to go about that whole thing or if we really want to try it for sure or not because of obvious reasons.


We have also talked about trying anal and having sex in random places like a store bathroom ,library, or some place outside of the house. Are there any other things you guys and girls might suggest? We are pretty much open for all suggestions.

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I would be careful about having intercourse in public solely because of the trouble you can get into (which I know factors into the whole excitement but still a forewarning). If you're going to do it outside, do it somewhere nobody will really see you.


As for new sexual experiences, there's also foreplay and trying different positions. My man and I have been living together for over a year and we mess around with positions, being drenched in baby oil over towels on the floor, held up in the shower, etc etc. And we do it on average, 6-9 times a week and it's never involved other people or situations that could ever potentially make us uncomfortable.

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