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Does it get better-Bi-polar?

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Ever since I been diagnosed Bi-polar last Jan..I have gained 50 pounds from meds. Been thru like 5 different meds. Feel depressed, can hardly work anymore due to lack of energy and depression. I dont get it I feel worse then I did before meds, well before meds I was jsut crazy and drank alot, but didnt feel depressed like this. My pdoc started me on Pristiq three weeks ago and I hardly feel a dofference except Im not crying all day anymore

I am seriouslythinking of filing for disblity but I been at the same job for 5 years. I also never been hospitalized so I dont think my chances are all that great.



What do you guys think? .

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I'm not sure about disability, I know it is hard (nearly impossible here) to get any sort of help that way and since you have a job, I think it would be best to stick with it as long as you can.


In terms of weight gain, it is incredibly common with those medications, but maybe you could set yourself some goals with diet and exercise to boost your spirits a bit?


Your doctor and therapist are really the best people to bring these concerns to, maybe they can help more?

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Hi, i am bi-poar myself so i know how u feel. I have not really felt depressed in some time now but when i did it was crazy wanted to die. When i was with my old doc he put me on dif meds like every other month.I did seem to gain alot of weight to. he put me on xanx (i have real bad nerves) that medicane messed me up! So i went to a new doc and now im pretty stable dont get me wrong i have my moments. Ho long u een with this doc? I have been on disability for about 5 years now,people say it has to be great not having a job but its not, sometimes i wish i had a job but i know deep down i will never be able to handle it again! I have this thing where i get somethin stuck in my head i do it like sayin to myself im not gonna go to work today and i dont go!! I was hospitalized 3 times 4 my disorder but havent been in hosital 4 a good 3 years really.. It usually takes people a long time to get disabilty but it only took me 6 months (guess im really screwd up LOL) I had my doc back me up sayin i need too be on disability and when i went to there doc(social seurtity) he said i was pretty bad! So maybe you should try to get disability but sit back and really think about it and ask your doc if he will back you up on this. Hope everything works out for you! Even need some1 2 chat with hit me up on here.. Take care!

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Hey there, it has been almost 7 years (holy cow) since I was diagnosed with Bipolar type 2. I feel your pain and frustration at the frequent medication switches. I went through that until we finally found a combination that worked for me (and then 2 years later I had to end up switching that up anyway). I have found that each psychiatrist seems to have a preferred treatment course. They like to recycle treatments they have used on past patients and had success. The problem with that is that each patient with a mood-disorder is so different. I still cycle, but they are not as severe. I tried to get off my anti-depressants and only use a mood stabilizer, but after 6 months I am back on them though a different kind. As to the weight gain, I noticed it the most when I was on paxil, and I was on that for 4 years. I was able to control it a bit with diet and exercise, which served a dual purpose because the exercise made me feel better.


As to disability, I don't know how likely it is for you. I pretty much lost my job due to my disorder because I wasn't able to function well when I was getting everything under control. It didn't help that my boss aggravated my condition and it ended up being a hostile work environment. In the end I was forced to quit. BUT 5 years later, I am stable (for the most part) and successful in my career.


It takes time to get this all sorted out. It is frustrating and painful. In the beginning I didn't think my meds were doing me any good, until I stupidly decided to stop taking them. That's when I learned the difference between old me and medicated me - wow! I wish you luck, and if you ever need to vent/talk send me a PM. You are not alone.

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I can't predict your future, but I CAN tell you it got better for my son. He gained from about 160 to 200 over a year on those medicines. But the doctor changed some here and there and he has lost a whole lot of the weight. I'm sure the shock of being diagnosed with this illness is depressing in itself. I know it devastated me, and I'm just the mom. But what happens is over time you adjust to your situation and say hey, I'm gonna be just fine. You will have swings, of course, that's part of the illness. But think positive and good things really can happen!!

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The real clinch of bipolar disorder is to find the right medication. Traditional bipolar medication like sodium valproate and lithium can work really well, but some people find that a low dose of an anti-psychotic drug (a very low dose, much less than you'd take for actual psychosis!) or an SSRI anti-depressant, or even ECT (yes really!) can work wonders. To be frank, it's alot of trial and error, so be sure to keep telling your prescriber, nurse, and/or therapist that it isn't working for you right now. Although, it's worth baring in mind that it can take a long time for medication to work for it's full potential if you're new to it. It's also worth remembering that weight gain tends to eventually slow down then start going back down. Basic things you already know like keeping a food diary and taking a bit of light exercise can really help. Again, tell your prescriber because there is support out there.


Hang in there, I really hope you start to feel better soon xx

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It DOES get better. Hang in there!


A good friend of mine was diagnosed with bipolar. The lithium meds really made her gain weight, but she got a lot better! Then the drs fiddled with the meds so now she has lost the weight but is still doing so much better.


I'm so sorry about the weight and all...it seems that it is a COMMON bad side effect. But with the help of a good doctor and some patience, it WILL get better. Just please keep talking to the doctor about your feelings/side effects and keep taking the meds, and things will improve.

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