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What are signs their feelings are lost indefinately

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I'm just curious how you know for sure when feelings are lost forever.


I'm talking to my ex again, but a while back he said his feelings were lost for me. He was hurt pretty badly emotionally during the relationship.

When I met up with him, I kind of sensed he still had some feelings and missed me. There was a bit of flirting going on.He started crying after I told him I thought he hated me, and never wanted to speak to me again. We said our apologizes and cleared the air of any resentment.

We are planning to hang out, and keep in contact more frequently.


I should probably ask him directly about it.I'm just curious of any signs I should look out for.


Signs of just friends vs. possible reconcilation?

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In my opinion men and women rarely detach completely from their ex-partners. There's always a tiny mutual bond based upon the time they were together. Therefore we're acting a bit more interested than we truly are. I would guess he's just interested in staying in contact.

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