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It has been over two years since my divorce. It seems I am the only one that is having a hard time moving on. My x-wife and kids seem to be doing fine. I just cant seem to find my groove. Dont get me wrong I go about my daily activities and everything seems fine. The problem is I feel nothing. I cant remember the last time I felt sad or happy. Things that used to be fun are boring yet still seem to pass the time. I just cant seem to get out of this rut. Any advice would be great.

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Are you aware that you don't need to feel sad to be depressed? With lots of people, it's the numbness you've described, and the only real feeling is boredom and maybe a rawness that makes you feel irritable. Other peoples lives contrast and seem like technicolor while you're behind some kind of veil or fog. Eating or sleeping too much or too little is common.


Good news is, there is treatment. Because I believe that depression is a physical condition but not necessarily limited to a physical condition, I wouldn't run straight to a regular MD for drugs. I think depression should be assessed by a mental health physician who's willing to supervise talk therapy with diet and exercise before reaching for medication--but who can monitor meds carefully if they're needed.


I hope you'll feel better soon.

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Do you have the desire to move on? If you don't I agree with Catfeeder (again) that something is going on more than just a life of blah!

Meds may in fact help you but there are many other things to explore before you go that route.

I was on meds for about 1 1/2 years after I caught her and they saved me and allowed me to learn and grow, and yes move on. They helped me see my life in a reality the pain and heartbreak were hiding. I preach learning about your own ego on here a lot because it is the root of many of our demons. I am not talking about the ego where you boast about how great you are, I am talking about the ego that wants to keep you reliving the things that have been done to you and make them personal over and over again. This reliving the past is what can keep you in this bad place.


No matter the cause the most important thing is that you have recognized the problem and want to do something about it.


PM me anytime you want to chat.



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