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I cannot attract women.

Mr. Franklin

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Hello everybody! I'm Franklin. I'm 20 years old, and currently a college student. My major is political science. During the school week I work on campus. My hobbies are video games, football, basketball, professional wrestling, My favorite food is chicken. My favorite food is chicken, and favorite meal is Shrimp Lo Mein with Orange Chicken on top! I love rootbeer. It's so good. Late at night I watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report with Steven Colbert!


I never had any luck with women. I have never been kissed, been on a date, nor had a girlfriend. A woman has never been attracted to me before. Every girl who has rejected has said I have too ugly to date. Girls who I did not asked on dates also said that I am the ugliest guy there is date. I am the worst of the worst.(Don't get confused, I am saying their opinions. I am not calling myself ugly).


Sometimes when I try to meet a new girl, she gives me a negative facial expression. She makes an ugly and disgusted face like "hey back off" or "is this guy really trying to talk to me?". I am not hitting on her. I am just trying to have casual conversation.


In school girls always said I am the worst looking guy to get. The worst of the worst to ever date. Schoolgirls sometimes like to rate guys. Who is cute, sexy, hot, average, nerdy, or just plain ugly. I always ended up on the ugly rating from every girl.


One of my problems is that my ears are deformed. They stretch out and curl really bad. Is this putting women off? I'm thinking about getting surgery to get them fixed. Lastic is also something I am looking into.


Last year I decided to try online dating. I sent a few girls some messages, but never got a response. One site has a picture rating system. My picture rating average is between 1 and 2 out of 10.


People often say I am a good looking guy. People at church always say this. My friends and family often say this. At first I am like " hey they are just being nice". However I am often to this by random older people. At church Sunday the pastor spoke up in prayer and made a special prayer for me(he was giving out other prayers). He mention that I am a good looking guy, and a lot people were also saying this(they don't know about my problem with women). When I was younger random people always said I was a good looking kid, and they said it to me more often than every other kid in my classes.


I have asked my friends to help me. My girl friends told me that they don't know anyone who would even go out with me once. Some have told me to turn gay to find love. A few girls told me I should wait until someone walks up to me. My guy friends tell me to get confidence. Some told me that it just takes longer for some people to get noticed by someone.


Please rate me out of ten. I want to know where I stand at the amount. I'm 6'0 and 165lbs.


Recently me and my friends have started working out together. The guys know what they are doing so that really helps me. My metabolism is pretty high so I need to continue to eat allot of healthy food. Hopefully some muscle will be built.


These are some pictures of me during the years.



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2008 at an amusement park

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Theses are my standards.


1. She must be a christian. I want someone who has the same religious beliefs as I do.


2. She must be slender. I am not attracted to women who are fat. I take care of myself so I would want someone who would do the same for themselves when it comes to weight.


3. She must have class and respect for herself.


4. She must be clean. All I am asking is for a woman to take care of herself. Be nicely groomed.


5. She must dress nice. Wear respectable clean clothes.


6. We must have good commutation. I believe a good relationship needs good communication.


I am not physically attracted to black women, and most young black women my age who I know are ghetto which is unattractive to me. I know I am black and some people criticize me of this.


I'll be using this topic to give updates about my problem not being able to attract at least decent women to date.

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You are not ugly. Plastic surgery will not fix your self-esteem issues.


If the girls you ask out are calling you ugly, they are really inconsiderate and not the kind of girl you want to date anyway. If a guy asked me out, I would never tell him he was ugly, even if I wasn't particularly attracted to him physically.

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A few girls have said to my face that I am ugly. Other girls have a disgusted look on their faces if I try to talk to them or ask them on a date.


Girls do not have any attractive body language towards me. They do not play or move their hair. They don't check me out. If a girl is starring at me she does not look away when I see her starring.


Girls smile at me everyday, but I just see them being friendly. They are not the type of smiles that seem to have any attraction for me. It's like a quite way of saying hi. Well that what I see from all of the smiles. I am taking the smiles the wrong way?

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Fortunately looks don't matter... People often tell me I'm attractive, but my luck ultimately isn't any better than yours!


There's definitely more to it, but I guess neither of us have figured it out yet. How about we each try different methods of beating our heads against the dating wall until one of us figures out how to break through to the fabled land of sex and interpersonal validation? ;-S

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I spoken to a girl friend last week and she brought up this topic. She told me that ugly guys try harder. I asked her what are they doing harder. She told me that she has no idea what they do that is harder. What is it that I need to try harder at? How can I make myself seem to be of better quality than what women currently see me as disgusting quality?

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This is just a short update.


I've went to the doctors a few weeks ago to get my ears checked. The doctor told me he knows the problem with my ears and would be able to fix them. Hopefully now I will be able to get insurance to cover some of the cost. I might be getting a loan to pay for the rest of the cost or all of it if the insurance will not cover it.

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