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How can I sell myself in this interview with lack of work history and not in college?

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Ok currently I'm going to this office building on Monday to apply for a job at my local airport because they're hiring for all kinds of positions. At this particular building, they're doing on the spot interviewing. Meaning you should know if you got the job or not when the interview is done. Now one thing I'm worried about is my lack of work experience. I have had only one minor job working at Walmart in 2007 to 2008. I was briefly in college going to school during this period as well but I stopped going to school because of financial issues, also I just wasn't feeling the college I was going to at the time and just decided to drop out because I was having too many issues. 2009 and 2010 have really been a soul searching period for me, haven't been able to find any jobs because of my lack of work experience and I'm really just trying to figure out what I want right now. I wouldn't mind working at the airport for a while and make some money, therefore I can pay for school.. The necessities like books etc etc.. But I need a job first. So how can I sell myself in this interview to make sure I get a job when I'm currently not working or in school?

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Think over the personal growth you've gone through and pick out a few themes. Then come up with a phrase like, "Unfortunately like so many people at the moment, I've found it hard to find a regular job" (which is true, but implies perhaps you've had jobs here and there - they may know you haven't but it will sound less harsh).


DON'T say you just want the job to get the money together for college... say simething along the lines of, you've been trying to find the right job opportunity for a long time, and this drew you because X, Y and Z - "I'm a people-person... I love to travel... the advert says you need [iNSERT SKILL] and I have been developing this over the last two years thru my volunteering/reading/study...


What's the job, and ARE you only interested cos 'it's a job'? Try to make it sound otherwise...

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Ok I'm very nervous. When I get nervous, I tend to jumble my words and say really dumb stuff. I hope I can hold it together for this interview and conduct myself well so that they will offer me this job. What I'll be doing at the airport is helping elderly people and escorting them to the concourse. People who are disabled or in wheelchairs etc etc. Sounds like a pretty nice job. I really need a job so I just hope this will go well. I also feel very intimidated by the other people I have to compete with to get this position as well. So much more experienced people, people with college degrees etc etc.. It's really depressing thinking about why would they want to hire me when they got better options to choose from?

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Actually it's just the kind of job they DON'T hire people with college degrees for. I was once invited to interview and then told I was over-qualified. They were worried I wouldn't hack it.


You need to conquer the nerves. Sooner or later you are going to get a job, so why not this one? Think about the older people you know, what can you say about how you get along with them? You sounded enthusiastic when you wrote it sounds like a nice job - WHY do you think that? If you let that come through you will come accross as genuine.

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But YOU have to believe in yourself. You have to go in with the attitude that you KNOW they will want you. Fake it if you need. If you go in apologetic and looking over your shoulder at the pepole who are 'better' than you, that's what they will think too. You have to look out for YOU!

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- They don't want someone IN college. That doesn't help them while they are scheduling.

- They don't want someone WITH a college degree because they would be over qualified and would leave as soon as they found something in their field.


Tell them you are a people-person (if you are). Tell them how you enjoy working with people. Tell them about your customer-service experience at Wal-Mart and how that may have helped you with difficult situations or people.


What do you eventually want to do in school? Will this work experience apply (in any way, shape or form) to that?


I think you're fine. I don't think you have to over-sell. I think they are looking for someone pleasant, responsible and available.

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Give a good solid handshake. Firm and look them straight in the eye. Seriously it makes a difference. I'm not sure if you are a male or female but dress conservative but mildly stylish. Make sure you are clean as your number one priority looks wise.


Also try to be relaxed. Anwer the questions directly and don't talk TOO much. Also think about questions they might ask you and what you will answer before hand. Good luck!

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It's really depressing thinking about why would they want to hire me when they got better options to choose from?


Because YOU know you're a hard worker, great with people, dedicated to succeed, set goals, and a caring person when it comes to people with special needs.


In other words, you just sell yourself. Put yourself in the hiring manager's job and see what he'll be looking for and BE that person. Find things about yourself that fit the bill and explain it to him/her.

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