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LC for a few weeks, will be seeing the ex soon...

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So its been a while since I’ve posted anything on this site. That’s mainly because I've been pretty busy with the end of the semester, but also cause I felt like I was obsessing over things the more I came to this site. I guess I needed a little break lol.


Anyway, I need some advice cause my situation is a little different than it was weeks ago.


I’ve been in LC with my ex since the beginning of April. I had gone 52 days of NC but decided that if I ever really wanted to get back with my ex that making the first move was probably the only way to do so. So we have been texting pretty much every couple of days. Nothing big or serious, just real small talk about random things. I made a few mistakes along the way, like calling her a nickname I used to when we were together and drunk texting her telling her I wanted her, but other than that, I've kept it real cool. Its been nice to talk to her again.


I've realized that my ex has been very happy with her life since we’ve been a part. She’s doing the things she wants to do and just enjoying everything. She’s been pretty busy as well since her semester is ending next week. I completely understand her for making the most of this situation, I too have been enjoying being on my own, which is something I haven't done for 3 years. Realizing this though, and feeling like I was pushing too much, I decided to pull back a lot. Since last week I have been in NIC and she’s only contacted me twice.


I guess the bottom line is I still very much want my ex back. Talking to her has set me back a little bit just because I've been missing her so much more since we’ve been in contact again. I haven’t really moved on all that much, but I know that I’ll be fine even if we never get back together. But until then, I'm gonna try to make it work.


The week after next, my ex will be visiting my college for a week. She’ll be visiting all of her friends, and since a majority of those friends are also my friends, there is a big chance we will be seeing each other throughout the week. So I need some advice on what to do when I see her. I haven’t seen her since January and have only just recently started talking to her again so its gonna be interesting to say the least lol. But I feel like that week could be a great way to kind of set the tone for the summer. If things go my way, I’ll have all of the summer to work on reconciling with her. So I want to make the most of this situation.


What do you all think?

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Both of you should finish school first before establishing a relationship, further more you need to work hard on getting rid of the flaws otherwhise you are just going to break up with her again if you don't remove that problem that caused you two to break up in the first place, focus on doing what is important first, and tossing things that are not important or secondary importance to the sides.

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I've been working on myself a lot since we broke up. I'm definitely not the same person I was when we were together. Any of the issues that existed when we were together have been definitely worked on by me since we split up. So I feel like I'm in a place now where I could definitely make things right with her, in a new relationship. I really just dont want to give up on her yet.

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