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Don't know how to handle the situation


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I can't explain it and I don't know what to say to them. I have a bubbly sparkly personality, I'm a student college and I was asked many times if I am a model so I'm guessing I'm not that ugly?


Problem is that I will meet a cute guy, exchange emails and we will talk for 2 weeks, and while it's too soon for me to know if I like him or not and wanna keep talking to him, he will fall for me.


Last night, I was talking to that cute guy I feel a connection with. Conversation is flowing, never an awkward pause and I consider it a good sign. Well I didn't talk him to him for 2 days, I've been busy with school and wanted to see if he would miss me.

And boy did he!

He was all over me like a cat is over catnip! I missed you! Calling me sweetheart and telling me that he's thinking about me all day everyday and ....... it was just too much.

I never know how to handle these situations! So I ended up asking about his work. He started a new job yesterday. I kinda had the conversation drifted but he was all over me.

I get it, he likes me a lot but what am I suppose to do?

I like him to but I'm not as demonstrative as he is.


Any advices on what to say to him and handle this situation? I don't wanna lose him, he seem like a great guy.


Thanks ENA.

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You know that cliche saying about communication being important? Well, it is. If what he's doing bothers you, makes you uncomfortable, then tell him it's too much right now and you want to move slow. Done and done. Either he'll be okay with it, and you'll see what happens, or he won't, and you'll have to move on.

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Ah, women! If you guys just told us what the hell you're thinking that would solve 50% of the mess!


Just be up front and honest with this guy. IF he likes you and is serious about it he'll listen and act accordingly. If he acts all baby-ish, then do you want to be a babysitter?


That's the way it went.


He called me selfish for not considering his feelings and wanting to slow things down. He told me that he likes me a lot and don't wanna wait to kiss me and hold me in his arms. He then proceed to explain to me that it wasn't gonna work because I act like a scared teenager and he called me a blonde bimbo.



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