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I'm confused, need advice on what this girl is about


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I met this girl about 2 weeks ago who was a friend of a friend. After meeting her at a nightclub we hit it off pretty quickly and danced together most of the night. We text each other loads over the next few days as well. Then friday of the following week came and we kissed and cuddled the night away. The confusing bit Is the days after that. We went out the following night and she never bothered with me much at all. That night I asked her if anythin could happen between us and she said she liked me but wanted to get to know me more first before anything could happen. Which is fair enough. She doesn't text back much anymore and doesn't seem as interested. Am I worrying too much or is she slowly becoming bored of me already? Reading this back to myself I do think I am just over reacting but I just wanted other people's opinion and experiences so I can see if i'm too forward or takin things too quickly. I'll wait for as long as it takes for her but I know if she turns me down i'm gonna be down in th dumps for ages and thats why i'm askin for help.

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It could be that she's busy... but I highly doubt it. When infatuation begins to cloud better judgement, people tend to make more subtle cues displaying interest no matter how busy they are.


Most women tend to be wary of meeting certain type of guys in clubs, so it can be that her radar is up. Things are never the way they seem, and people mistaken retreat to analyze the situation as being bored; as being bored is rarely the case. Although, vulnerbility usually is.


Look at all possible situations. She might not want to get involved within her circle of friends, or maybe she's getting over an ex, or she's just following her instincts. If I were you, I'd simply ask her if you're going too fast for her, hence her hesitation, and if so, offer something of less weighty measure.

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She text me today saying that she wants to be just friends. I said i'd be happy knowing we could be friends rather than losing her completely which went down well. Maybe its a way of us gettin to know each other better but I won't be foolish enough to ponder on us gettin together from it. Thanks for all the replies, they are going to help me with any time this may happen again

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I agree...YOU handled this WAAAAY better than I.

Only advice i could say..is don't be like me and HAVE to know WHY. Don't even worry about why. YES, it could help you out in the future..but the whole process of "finding out what did it"..KILLS!


So if you're not super attached. Yeah, just move on..take it as it. A loss...you'll bounce back

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too much too soon, got bored of you. too available.


This times 1000. I've had a case (particularly, my recent ex of whom dumped me 8 days ago) where you are able to bypass all of the initial "attraction game" and go straight for the "ok I like you, you like me, lets try this" phase. However, it should be noted that I had met this person like a year prior as a friend of a friend, and we had several chances to hang out and spark an attraction. This girl was dating a friend of mine at the time so we lightly flirted but nothing more, I'm positive the fact that I never persued anything or acted really interested, is what in fact DID make her interested in me, and made it that much easier months down the line when I contacted her and asked her to hang out.


On the other hand, if you meet someone completely new, you do have to hold a sense of mystery, charisma, and "unavailability" to a degree. People want what they cant have, so if you make your self a little more difficult (but the key here is not TOO difficult) to obtain, you make yourself seem more attractive in the other persons eyes.

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