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When you look me in the eyes


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so like um. I wanna start off by introductions i'm basicaly new here and i have this teenage love life kinda problems but i usualy don't have any problems with these things 'cause lets just say i get all the boys i want, and the boys i'm talking 'bout here are the top crushes of the batch which are boys who have looks and rebelious attitude but aren't that smart either.haha!


So here's my problem...End of January 2010, at a kiddie party i met this cute guy...who was actually a batch of mine who i never knew before he was the shy but smart type.and at that time i was just told that boys are suppose to be the ones who do the first move esp. when his interested.so the whole time it was the silent treatment,pretend to text in an awkward situation kinda moment i was so wanting to talk to him but my shyness conquered all.when he finally had to leave i was so regretful not starting a conversation with him and for the past few days i've been seeing him in school having this cute glances from him but I'm not really sure if it was for me.haha XD whenever i would see him my heart starts to beat faster than normal.

So it was at March after graduation when i took the guts to eventually text him.and when we talked about the end of January party,he was so in shock that i was even there.he said he hasn't known me on that time so he dosen't even remember seeing me when clearly i fell for him the moment we had eye to eye contact.and while we were texting he had already known that i had a thing for him,but he never bothered to bring up topics about that.and since He was the shy type i wasn't really able to read through his mind, all the signs were a blurr, i never had the experience of liking any other guy like him --- shy,smart,doesn't really have the looks according to others, not much girls really likes him. Everyone tells me to find another guy, more suitable for me the one which has same standards as mine.but i feel other wise i feel that his a speacial one.


Smart people who clearly doesn't have the looks should also have the chance to feel being love right?haha


But my problem isn't that its how will i be able to show him that i could be the one who could make him feel happiness esp. After being dump by the girl who was one of a kind in his world. The girl who he had the guts to make a first move.


( P.S. thankyouu for taking time to read this long story and i'm sorry if what i said is a bit of a blur.HEEHEE )

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Its all about taking the initiative, if you don't want to be lonely then you have to step towards the people. People who are shy will never take the initiative, this is why you must initiate the first step.


This counts with all things in life, its important that you realise that nothing in life will come automatically towards you, its you who must stick out your hands and grab it. Rather then staying in a limbo i advice you to know that the only thing that you learn from being introvert is that you need to be extravert. This because introvertism equals being in a prison, and being extravert is freeing yourself from this prison. This is an important type of spiritual freedom where you set yourself free from your inactivity and instead of saying no to taking the initiative, you can also say 'yes, i will take the initiative.'


Write him an e-mail where you state bluntly that you love him, its a win win situation, if the guy says no, you can move on with your life, if he says yes you've got a date.


Maby its true what others say that this guy is nothing for you, however its your feeling and its your feeling that counts. You can never know if you never try. So stop being your own worst enemy and take the initiative. He will like it because it will show you are a couragous person.


I would say try it for at least 13 times, since shy guys are rather hard to convince.

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