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Ex's Are Funny Sometimes lol...

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Ok imagine you and your ex see each other regularly at school or, religious meeting or whatever. And things are kind normal now, so you and her say hi, and chit chat a bit about nothing, just being like normal acquaintances.


Then one day, you go to your meeting or school or whatever say hi to her, like you usually do (where we meet we have a custom of giving people our hands), offer your hand, she takes it, and then out of nowhere, she says "Your hand is soo soft! It is even softer than mine! *while like passing her fingers in your hand a bit*, and then after a silent second.. says "it's like you do no work!".


Imagine you have way way less feelings now, and don't really care about getting back together. You simply don't really care much anymore, what would you say?


What do you think was going through her head when she said something like this?



I was so surprised at the time, and it was so unexpected lol. So I fake that I felt offended in a jokingly manner, put my head down in a very exaggerated joking way ( to buy time while my brain was racing to think of what the heck is going on lol) , then smile look up and said "Maybe it's cause I don't work at a farm like you do".


Then I proceeded to not even look at her, ignore her presence, and make some small chat to her little sister that was sick and nearby, play with her a bit, and then I walked away.


She was rock silent after the exchange.




So here is what I think of that situation.


1) I came out, kinda ok, a bit too rough and jerky, but did the job. Best would have been to say "Thank You!" and then ignore her presence like I did. But it's fine, I guess it was solid enough to show that I won't be put down or made fun off by someone who is clearly not in the place to do so.


2) I think she must have tried being friendly, as I have noticed she is being more friendly with me recently, but then after she noticed she took it too far with the compliment, and touching my hand etc, she had to find a way to make it look like she doesn't care about me or whatever. Find a way out to come out "cool".



Anyway lol.. I find the whole thing kinda funny... so retarded lol.


P.S: I HAVE NO PROBLEMS WITH ANYONE THAT WORKS AT FARMS, my grand-father was a farmer himself and a large part of my family was exposed to farm life, including my mother. And no, my ex does not work at a farm, if she did I would not have said what I said.

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Oh no, I do care about her, and don't really mind thinking about having something with her in the future. But I don't really care if it is going to happen or not, and don't really plan on it, for sure not any time soon.


What I meant to say is that I just don't really care as much about the situation as I used to. I am not a wreck anymore, I am living happily and this type of stuff doesn't get me down.


Lol.. Wasn't really insane, I guess she just wasn't thinking.. funny stuff though lol.

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