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Saw My Ex Today To Give Her Stuff Back(My Story)

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hey guys, I just wanted to share my little experience today of me seeing my ex for the first time in about a month and a half. SHe text me wednesday after i went 3 weeks of NC because she wanted her things back. I responded as usual in a well mannered way.


So I get up this morning thinking if she would still text for her stuff cuz i sure as h*ll was not going to get in touch with her. So she did nevertheless. She asked if we were still meeting up and i said yes. So i showered and changed got in my car and started driving to where we were meeting. It was a 20 minute drive so I had time to think about things. By the way I had to give her a laptop and her digicam back(which she didnt give to me) she had just forgotten them there. So i started driving thinking about the two plus years we had been together, how everything happened so fast as soon as this year started. How i took a new job, she wanted to take a break, then she broke up with me.


Somedays i wake up and go, wow! did that really just happen? Its like i got blindsided. Anyways back to the story. So i got to where we were meeting, ironically it was the same place we met on our first date. I sat in my car and waited for her nervous as ever. Wonder what i was going to say, what she was going to say, how she looked now etc. I finally saw a car pull up next to me and it was she and she brought her mom with her. Only reason I can think of that was maybe my ex thought I would stir up things or something, although her mom came with her to alot of places anyways it doesnt matter. So I got out of the car as well as her. Her mother sat in the car I said hello she said hello back. Her mother just had a confused look. She didnt know what to say. I could tell she really liked me and felt bad what was happening but it was all her daughters doing.


My ex said hi and i just said hey. I handed her laptop to her which I put a letter in there that she had written to me over a year ago expressing her love to me. She said something about the cable and smiled and I just stood there expressionless. She handed me my stuff and said "see ya later" and got in the car and left. I stood outside the parking lot for about a minute then got in my car and left. I started driving and little bit of tears came but then they were gone. Now im hope sharing this with you all. Where do i go from here? It still bothers me she didnt seem to care that we were breaking up and all this was happening. It bothered me that she didnt seem to care how i was doing, or if i was upset or what was going on. I guess she has moved on. Now im just gunna keep going NC from here on and live my life. Thats all I can do. I wasnt gunna pester her about questions anyway even though her mom was there or not. I had promised myself i wasnt gunna ask why, when, how, where or beg. This is what she wants so I just gotta be strong.


In closing, we both had faults. we all make mistakes. Mine was that I never texted her or called much. Hers was that she was a very irrational person and never understanding about anything. Maybe it was for the best because we both thought things would never change. My buddies keep telling me im a great guy and she doesnt deserve me, that i was too good for her. but in the same token I feel that way about her too regardless of the arguments and fights. Well guys just gotta take it day by day from here on. Thankyou all for helping me in my other posts.

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You're better off...She would have dragged you down and made you feel unappreciated for longer than nesessary and you would have been a bigger emotional mess with a longer recovery time. Don't go back to that. "Hers was that she was a very irrational person and never understanding about anything." Just keep that in your mind when you start missing her.

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1. Who knows what the future holds? Maybe this happened so you two could each address your own faults, and maybe later on down the line, you two could start over. Just keep moving forward because that's all you can do.


2. As a woman, I don't know if putting the letter in there was such a great idea. Its almost kind of insulting, like you wanted to get rid of it and are therefore, metaphorically, handing her feelings back to her because you feel no desire to hold onto them. I know I once did that in a break up, to a boyfriend. I sent him back all the things he'd given me: presents, cards, love notes. This really hurt his feelings. However, I was young then and didn't know any better. But hearing the pain in his voice when he'd called after receiving it... I realized how genuinely poor of a move that was. You should have held onto it.

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your right about addressing faults and starting over. she said that when we broke up. As far as the letter goes, i didnt do it in a way to insult her. I just wanted to remind her how she felt about me because hoping that she still does. I dont know. whats done is done i guess. but thats the only thing i gave back. I kept everything else and i didnt give her back any presents or cards she gave me. These were just items that were left at my house and hers that she needed back like her computer and camera. they were not given to me. and i left a few things at her place. I had a hard time letting her know how i felt and she never gave me a chance to say things. So i didnt wanna write a letter so i just gave the letter back she wrote me. well see what happens. Im moving on

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