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How long do you date before you label the relationship?


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Hi all! All of my relationships so far have been long term and seemed to be official (ie boyfriend/girlfriend, exclusive to each other right away) but I recently broke up with last boyfriend a couple of months ago. I am now dating someone new and this is a very different experience for me. So far I would say that we comfortable say we are dating each other and have established that we are exclusively sleeping with each other.


My question is, is when do you start talking about making it official? He got out of a 6yr relationship last year and according to him he has done the rebound/party stage and is looking for a long-term relationship with someone. There are lots of positive signs from him like booking classes together that would go on for months or discussing trips for the summer time... but I am just not sure when you would talk about making it official? I don't want to seem desperate or like I am rushing it... so, in your experience, how long have you casually dated someone before it got to the bf/gf label and how did you talk about it with them? Thanks so much

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for my ex and i, it just happened.


when he works i bring him food many times, and then the co=workers saw it and said we are boyfriend and girlfriend, and it just happened for the past 3 years.


maybe get someone to ask your date if you guys are boyfriend and girlfriend, see what he tells him/her.

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