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You never know what's going on in their heads

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Me and my ex fiancee are broken up for almost a year (wow hard to believe).

After i realised there was no chance of us getting back together i went full no contact. I removed all reminders of her in my life and tried to meet other women.

During this period i remained in contact with her brother and sister and mother under the understanding that she wouldn't come up in conversation. I received a very long text off her on christmas day which i ignored and went to india for a month in january.

In febuary her sister invited me for lunch and we met up. During lunch she brought my ex up in conversation. She told me that when she heard i was going to india she got very upset (she said we had planed to go together) and also got upset when i didn't text her back at christmas.

It sounds petty but i felt good when i heard this.

So even though you don't hear from your ex it doesn't mean they are not thinking about you or that they are not hurting.

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I am glad to hear this. Im also glad to hear that you remained friends w/ the family. I am trying that too. Well, mainly just his brother's fiance. She and I made a pact to stay friends and I would really miss her if we decided to part ways. Its very hard right now though. I just saw his mom when I was at her house. But it can be done. I cant blame them for his mistake, and they dont blame me for leaving a drug addict. Sometimes things just dont work out. But its good to remain civil and its hard but worth it if you can save those other relationships w/o hearing about your ex.

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