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Trying to read first date


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So I met a girl off okcupid last night and I'm trying to decipher it. First dates off internet sites are always a bit awkward, so there's that built into it initially.


I don't like rationalizing things, but she was a bit awkward, which may explain a little.


Anyhow, the pertinent details are basically the date didn't feel like it was going awesomely, and her body language wasn't great.


At the end when we parted, in a funny inversion of gender roles, she told me how she had fun, we should do it again, then we went to embrace and she gave me a quick peck on the lips.


Trying to reconcile the not great body language during the date with the peck at the end.


Any suggestions?


Wondering if she meant to give me a kiss on the cheek instead and I turned my head slightly into it. ha

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