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dumb things happening but cant help overthink them


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had went out 4 dates with a girl which ended in her ignoring my calls, gave up after 2 unreturn calls. i was little slow at picking up her hints and i think she just gave up. sucks.


she happens to have class accross me right now. we've been in these classes for almost four months now. our classes have always started at different times and hers ended before mine so ive never ran into her, only seen her when i glance into her room if i leave to go the bathroom or something.


last weekend she texts just saying hey. we havent talked in 4/5 months and i get that random text. i assume she was just drunk. but then the next school day i got before her (this hasnt happened once in the 4 months ive been in the class) and we got eyes as i was leaving. then today, i left for the bathroom and a minute after i got back to my class she was waiting outside mine for her class to start (which hasn't started later at all in these 4 months). then i get out and she gets out at the same time! i felt like saying hi so i just walked to the bathroom, waited a minute and then walked back out but i missed her.


i had to overanalyze this but it seems so weird that all this happened...like a higher force or something. i was doing great forgetting about her but after all this she is all i think about while im in class. we got along great i just didnt pick up on hints to come over or make a plan. she was txt me and ask to come over so i didnt think she was big into making plans in advance so i would just talk to her in the morning of the day that i wanted to hang out. but then other times she would give hints about being free all week or free x night but i didnt make plans right then and there, maybe that was the problem.


i just hate that im thinking about her again. nothing bad happened between us when it ended. i kind of want to run into her and just say hi and see how she reacts. i learned about reading those signs from this experience. but what does eveyone think? am i wasting my time/setting ymself up for disappointment but "trying" to run into her? i feel that if we did see each other again i wouldnt make the mistakes (that i think were the mistakes)

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ok..you screwed up royally. Sorry, but you did. She is interested in you, but she is put off because you cant be bothered to actually plan a date with her. We do like spontaneity, but not all the time. It nice to think that you actually put forth the effort to plan out something for us to do, even if it's just checking movie show times.


now, how to fix it...text her and ask her out on a specific date at a specific time to a specific event. Did I mention, be specific. And then follow up with a text the morning of the event to tell her that you are excited and cant wait to see her. That should fix your screw up, IF she accepts. And then from now on, make plans with the girl. Use common sense.

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I would normally always do this, at the time, I felt like she didn't like that. Our first two "dates" were planned a few days in advance. The third/fourth were planned about a day in advance. Sometimes when I would call to ask her to do something she wouldn't answer, then I would get a text message hours later, never a call back. Then when she invites me to do something she texts me asking to come over right then and there....at least I would text her in the morning. So I'm no longer an interest because I didn't plan enough things in advance though she never bothered to do the same?

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