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First Love's odd behaviour...even though he is married

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I Know there is not much to think about here but i just wondered about opinions:


My first love from when i was 17.... we dated on and off over a period 5 years. This guy totally broke my heart.

Eventually he got married and now has a baby on the way.


i have no feelings left. i think of him fondly but thats it. He however texts me on my birthday every year.. always comments on my facebook....textes me when he is back in our home town drunk... but what i find more odd:

he told me before he told his family about his upcoming parenthood, as soon as it happened.. he did the same when he got married........ i dont get it!


Please note i never contact him.. have no interest in doing so.

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Sounds like he is trolling.

Married men, with children no less should not be contacting old loves. Don't get sucked into this. He is hoping to catch you in a weak moment when you are lonely or horny and poof a huge mistake is made.

Just be glad he did break your heart. That could be you carrying his baby while he is contacting an old gf.



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He may be having regrets. Or, maybe he just wants to have his cake and eat it to. Keep you close for those nights that he's not wanting to do the daily routine. Of coarse you could give him the benefit of the doubt and say maybe he feels that he can confide in you. Either way, he made his choice and he needs to now leave you alone. The only thing he's doing is opening the memories and wounds from the past. I'm sure it hurts you and he may just be hurting himself. If it bothers you, tell him that you guys need to say goodbye.

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dont get me wrong. seriously i am totally over this....... i have no desire to see him and for years we were just friends..... it took a long time for me to let do and now i am indifferent.. its funny though cos i now looks at it like he never did.


i dont want to upset his wife....should i tell him to stop?

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I agree^^

Nothinng good will come out of him contacting you. If his wife was aware that he still contacts you and it was all out in the open it might be different but I am sure she knows nothing of what he is doing.

This is affecting you as well. You are over him completely so there is no reason to stay in touch except for that it might be feeding your ego a little. Help him do the right thing and tell him to quit.



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