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thinking about getting a hold of her


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So its been over 7 weeks since we broke up from being together a year, the break up was very emotional for both us but we both handled it with grace. i talked to her the day after and that has been it. It was very hard at first for me obviously but life has gone on, i hang out with friends go drinking school, bought a car etc... i still think about her a lot - differently then before, not as desperate etc. obviously i want to get ahold of her as the post suggests but again, it's not that hard to resist calling her. i never really knew why she left, it was more a "i dont feel the same way i use to" and even the need to know why has faded a lot.


I know life will go on but she was a pretty bad ass girl and really hot. i know down the line we will be able to friendsish, i mean we live in the same town and know a lot of the same people. but i guess i'm just not sure if i want to leave it as it is right now.


shes my first (im 22, she's 19) and sometimes i think maybe i got bit by the relationship bug, i mean before i always thought it would be sweet to date but i was single and partied all the time with the boys and now things seem a little different. i konw i can meet another sweet girl, theyre pretty easy, but i think maybe i'm a little impatient and obviously not completely over this one...


i guess what i'm seeing is that time is healing, it really is, i know im not completely there obviously, but damn, i'd like to run a hail-mary on her...

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