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EX is contacting my mutal friends... Possible GIGS????

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My ex and I broke it off in January. We had a serious 2.5 year relationship. We were almost engaged. She was the dumper. I persued for a bit then went underground for a while. About 3 months post break up I had the courage to finally ask to talk to her again. The news was grim. She wasn't coming back... she had done some really stupid things post break up and is currently seeing someone else. It broke my heart all over again since I thought that I had a chance. After hearing all the nasty things she had done and the lies that she fed me... I told myself that I would never speak to her again. It felt good. I felt liberated. I finally was able to move on. The last month... I have had the time of my life just being with friends and chasing new love interests. I missed being single and now that I am finally loving it... she is back to rain on my parade. A few weeks ago a good friend of mine said that she had started texted him asking him how I was. As a trusted friend... he declined to answer. He told me about it... and it upset me that she would start to try and pry info about me from other people. I didnt want to talk to her again and we made that clear.. this has happenned a few times in the past month. Yesterday after coming back from watching the Duke game... my roommate told me that she had contact him... wanting to see how I was and said that she had some of my stuff and didn't know what to do with it. She apparently opened up to him and she said that she felt like an a**hole for the things that she did and for her behavior. It upest me cause hearing her name puts a bad taste in my mouth... I kinda feel bad myself cause the last time that we talked... i was really mean to her... but I got over it... but i feel like she has GIGS.... I really dont know what to do... a part of me wants to take her back... but a part of me hates her for the things that she put me through.


What should I do guys?


Should I contact her and see what she has to say?


Or should I continue to make her feel bad?

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Don't contact her. But you can have your roommate tell her what it is you want to do with your stuff. If you want the stuff back, then ask him or another friend to get the stuff from her and take it to you. Do not agree to meet with her or anything like that. Ask your friends who would potentially get contact from her to not tell her much about you, other than the fact that you are doing OK.

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i agree with fluid - don't contact her. you said yourself that you have been having "the time of your life" the last month and any contact with her might be a setback. believe me, i have been actively avoiding any contact or knowledge about what my ex is doing and having just found out, i feel the same way you did previously - not that you want to remember those bad feelings, but remember how bad it made you feel when you found out the stupid things she'd done post break up. i've been there, currently am, and it is just better to stay on the path you're on...


also, you might want to ask your friends not to tell you if they hear things - i have a strong feeling some of my male friends know things, but if they do, they don't tell me and i am so thankful.


hang in there, you'd doing well...

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