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I've been really stressed out lately and it's bothering me. sometimes its like my mind is racing and I can't control it so I guess I have a panic attack or something. I think most of it comes from my job, I hate it and sometimes if I think about it too much then I'll become angry and either near tears or I'll give myself a headache.


I'm not really sure when it started to get this bad, today in class I didn't catch on to some of the material right away and I was stressing over it then I started thinking about work and other issues and before I knew it my mind was racing, my heart was pounding, I couldn't think straight, and I had to put my head down for a few. I don't know how to fix this, I'm afraid to see a professional because I don't want to get put on meds, but if I did does anyone know if health insurance will cover the sessions? I haven't been paying much attention to the new health care stuff and I don't want my family to find out I'm seeing someone for this, they might overreact.


I'm I afraid I might die of a heart attack at 25 or something. I've also been very depressed again. thank you in advanced for any advice, I have to get ready for work now.

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I used to get like that alot when I was younger. it still happens nowadays but not as much. For me it happens when I feel like I am not in control of certain aspects of my life. Some things that help me are to develop some daily habits/distractions. A few examples would be as soon as the panic comes I would start cleaning a specific room in my house, take a walk to a favorite place that is not too close nor far with my ipod(bakery I love for ex), do laundry (this is esp helpful when you dont have all that much to do so it isnt much work just a distraction) etc. My brother gets anxiety/panic attacks as well and likes to write scary stories, heh atm he has written about 4 novels beading/drawing is nice too


I guess the key is to keep yourself distracted so the bad thoughts dont come in and you have no excuse. It is funny how something as simple as doing laundry or grocery shopping can make one feel in control a bit.


Also when there was something i can't figure out right away I pretend that I am teaching it to someone else. For some reason it makes it easier to understand. Sounds weird but try it. I hope you feel better.

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First thing, ceez, is yep, it's a panic attack and it will not kill you. In fact it is harmless. Your focusing on it is what allows it to spiral out of control to a point where you feel like you're gonna die (been there). The answer for me was running and Yoga. They both make you physically strong and with Yoga breathing, you learn to allow your anxiety to actually wash through you and out again so that it is almost completely controllable. Sounds weird, but I promise, it's true. It works.

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thanks for the advice everyone. I think work is where most of the stress is coming from, but I had a hard time finding another job before the whole recession thing hit the U.S. so I guess I'll have to look twice as hard. It's kind of difficult to find something to distract myself though because it usually happens at work or in class, and I usually work out 4 or 5 times a week but I think picking up yoga or meditating would help.

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