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Scared to ask for a raise...

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I've never been in the position to ask for a raise before as I'm recently out of college. A little back story...I was hired to work with this company in Oct. 09 and was told when I was hired that I would be getting a raise (3k) in four months after a review.


Fast forward 4 months, my company was not doing well at all due to a lawsuit, there were 9 employees and everyone got laid off except for one other guy and myself. (I'm sure this was partially due to the fact I make the least, so I'm cheap labor.)


Because of this I picked up the slack and essentially now do the work of 7 people all rolled into one. I wasn't about to ask for a raise, because at the time I was happy just to have a job when everyone else was losing their jobs! Well now the lawsuit is settled, and my bosses ended up making $120k in the suit....so they're no longer hurting. (I handle all their financials, along with a million other things).


So anyway, I know they think I'm doing a good job bc they frequently tell me how much they adore me, and they're so impressed etc. (The 2 owners are married.) Well, I don't know how to bring up getting a raise. I literally don't know the words to say to even begin the discussion, or schedule a time to meet. It gives me ridiculous anxiety even though I'm certain I would get one. Would I say "I wanted to discuss a possible raise." or what?! I know this is silly to have such anxiety about it, but I keep putting it off and I definitely need the money.


Can someone help me out?

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I would state your claim.


"I was told upon hiring that I would receive a raise within 4 months. When 4 months came by, it unfortunately coincided with the company problems that we recently had. Many of my coworkers were let go and I didn't feel it appropriate to discuss the issue of a raise. However, that unstable time has passed yet I am still doing the work of my former coworkers. I don't mind the extra work as I love a challenge and the business has been great to me. But I was hoping that I could discuss my possible raise with you. "


Be confident. You know you've been doing a good job. Even if they say no, they won't be offended that you asked. It's not going to hurt you unless you didn't deserve one to begin with or start nagging after being denied.

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Did they ever give you the review? If not, I wouldn't approach this as asking for your raise, I'd ask when you can expect the 4 month review your were promised with your job offer. From there, you can translate the good review into a question about satisfying the rest of your agreement.

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