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Found out he's a total psychopath!

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I'm not sure where to post this, but this sounds like a fit?


I recently FINALLY ended it with the total creep I was incolved with for 4 years. I got a call from another girlfriend of his, one he was pursuing over and over, all the while trying to get me, using me, and many others I now find out.


He is a true psychopath, pathological liar, user, abuser, cheater, all the things a man should not be. He was disrespectful and so far beyond. I always knew there was another, but I never knew that it spanned several states. I learned that he was with her and texting me and vice versa. I learned that she and I had sex with him on the same dang day! I learned that he offered me HER toothbrush without hesitation calling it his own. I have been soooo beaten by this man and I'm so angry in so many ways. At him, at me! How could I have allowed this man to mess with me for so long? How could I have allowed him to and IGNORE it!?


I learned that one girl in his home town he went on one date with and was professing his love to. Chances are good that someone on ENA knows him. He's never professed any kind of feelings to me, other than I want you, need you. Never love and he tells random girls he loves them on a first date!?? I am so disgusted. So angry. Full of rage. He even told me about some posting on a website blaming me for posting it. I didn't, but I am GLAD it's there. I never knew I could be so stupid.


I tried for 3 years to be done with him... but I loved him. I was talking with her that night and thinking (for a second) "AH HAH! Now I've won! I can win him!" OMG. What would I be winning? More disrespect? More confusion? More lies? I may even have a disease! I just got tested. I am soooo angry and sickened. I can barely breathe. I can't focus. I'm so done with him. It took validating my own suspicions to get me there. I am just so sickened by this man's behavior. TOTAL disrespect. Total woman hater. Emotionally Abusive. I was soooo hooked, no OBSESSED with him.


At least now I have him blocked and want nothing to do with him. I'm so so sick by all that I now know...

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If you really want to go all out, take all that angry energy and turn it into a new work out regime or something. I lost 15lbs and toned right up being angry at my ex and now I'm stronger than ever so in case I run into him I'll have some force behind the punch I throw at him (kiddinnnnnnng I would never, but good motivation)

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Yeah, some guys are chameleons who live double or triple lives. They enjoy the excitement of juggling lots of women, and lie so much they forget what the truth is...


Stay strong and stay away from him. Men like this can be totally charming to hook women in or win them back, but they're rotten to the core.

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