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Why would my ex i broke up with be ignoring every email and text?

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I broke up with my boyfriend of a few months a couple of weeks back after him disappearing for a few days..

and made the mistake of thinking if i text an ultimatum that would make him sort his self out instead he got the impression he was dumped.


We met up later in the week, things got a bit saucy and he told me how i broke his heart, he told me how hed curled up for hours crying and holding my towel and hes confused i told him im trying my hardest, but he says that im not chasing him enough what the .... i got the impression someone else was on the sideline and got a bit firey telling him i wont bother contacting him ever again.


But soon enough i came crawling back, with at least 10 texts and heart opening emails ive sent over the week even ones saying i dont want to lose you as a friend, please just tell me if you want me to disappear for good i will or youve met someone else i wont pester you ... But still no reply at all!!!!


I was walking to class with a friend the other wednesday and he glared right through me for a while and then looked back down sadly as i said hi he didnt reply but his friend greeted me and i tried to keep as much a happy face as possibe


hes joined all different groups on facebook saying " i love you, hated you and now miss you" and " i just wish i could kiss you and " i pretend i dont get messages" obviousley aimed at us


His dads been really ill with cancer , and hes had a bad back himself, i feel so bad for giving mixed signals in the past should i just give him space from now on,

im scared of giving him too much space he meets someone else ive had various boys come on to me but hes the only one i want .


Please help guys, it'll be so much appriciated xx

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I think you have to give him some space right now especially since he's also dealing with a critical illness in his family among other things. If you rub him the wrong way right now he may pull further away from you. Give him a few weeks before you try to contact him again. This will give him some time to clear his head and think things through.

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Very true, he has a lot of anger issues and can be quite the drinker.. he said a couple of weeks ago theres a side of him he doesn't want me to see. and after a few aggressive arguments in the past over his jealousy i can understand this. he never trusted me, and accused me of all sort and even when i explained myself he would make me feel i was the one in the wrong most the time, and because i have a Low self esteem i put up with it but then his loving side was worth it .



He also said when we were gonna get together again that i wasn't trying hard enough, and that he like to be suffocated.with attention which i was scared over doing after this was the cause for my breakups in the past ... maybe he likes the whole control of me begging for him back, and his no intentions of trying again and enjoys the silent treatment which i think its the worse thing ever!!!


Ive emailed again, but thought maybe he hasn't checked them and sent a text too but as of now that's it.


I just don't know anymore....

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WOW i pieced a few things together, and a girl added me on facebook telling me her and him are hooking up,

I wouldnt mind she is absoloutley awfull looking.. ratty blonde extensions quite a big girl but wears clothes two times to small with pictures of herself half naked aswell as this shes extremely short hed always gone on about how he loves my model structure!


Maybe this is another part of the games, go for a girl people class not as pretty as me.. and make me feel even lower about myself!!


Eitherway i think shes done me a favour, i warned her to watch out for him and told her all the things he does.. and what he says, hes already played the psychic card to her. and she says she doesnt know who to believe i basically told her to have fun.


Im starting to see shes done me a huge favour cant believe he couldnt of just told me though

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