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An invitation or a trap?


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It's a complicate relationship and it should be full-stop the moment I left.

However, it just not that simple and easy as we wiping off the words on a black board.

Anyway, I missed him and …. He saw me. We talked, his SO came, I left, and they called the police. The end!

I wish!


We accidently met in parking lot, he stop his car right next to me. Opened the window staring at me with sad expression and smiled at me. Me, pissed by the police call, gave him a finger and walked away!


Two years later, I went to the office building where he worked visiting a client. He saw me and my car. I drove off as we were never met. After my second visiting, I saw his car parking next to mind and a sticker with an address and a phone number stuck on inside of his driver seat window.


My first thought was he's trying to bait me. What I don't know was if it's an invitation or a trap. Was he trying to make me a stalker if I were stupid enough to check his house around and call him? Or was he trying to get me back?


I never responded by that piece of paper though! I never went back to the office building again neither!

But that "what if" thought still bothers me every now and then! Would you like to share your thought about this situation?


P.S. They were separated at the time and he didn't wear his ring. Even though they have two kids together, I never know if they were married. His SO is still using her own family name now a day!)

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