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Issues when getting back together

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we decided to stay friends for the moment and see where it goes. It is actually going well, and it seems like we could get back together. there is a problem tho... my roommate doesn't like her. he tells me how she is a " * * * * " and stuff, and that by hanging out with her is a bad idea. thing is, he is kinda right. But I dont want to stop seeing her in case we do end up working out.


It is his place, and im renting a room. So im kind of stuck and im not sure what to do...

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I really don't think your roommate disliking her should have anything to do with your decision to get back together with her.


This relationship is between you and her. It is not a relationship among you, her, AND your roommate.


I mean he can feel that way about her, too. And it seems to me you might also feel the same way but make sure it's coming from you, not him rubbing off on what you're saying.


Just because it's his place, and you're renting a room doesn't mean your friendship or living situation with him should falter. If he absolutely can't stand her, I think you should respect him and not invite her over ALL the time or something if you guys get back together.


Bottom line is I'd make sure you genuinely want to be with her or NOT want to be with her, rather than being influenced by others and how THEY feel about her.

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In the same boat. I'm working it out with my ex and my friends haven't taken too kindly to the idea. But ultimately, the decision is mine, Im a grown woman. They don't have to agree with my decisions in life but they should support me as my friends or they really aren't my friends at all

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