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Dream & Let Go

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I have been dreaming of my ex girlfriend a lot recently. We have been broken up for a little over a year now. I have been fortunate not to have a single dream about her up until this week. I figure I have been too busy to.


The first couple dreams were the usual ex dreams. I would be talking to her on the phone, or sharing an intimate moment. We would be swimming somewhere, or talking about something we both found interesting.


I have dreamed about her for five nights.


In this last dream I was dealing with my friend--who had taken on the personality of my dad, mannerisms and all. While listening to his lecturing, I was handed a phone. Apparently my exes parents called and said it was urgent.


I called back and got her mother on the phone. She said that Carolyn was missing. She asked me to recount all of the facts I could. According to them, she left college, and her apartment, and ran off somewhere. I told them I didn't know what happened, and to check the guy who she left me for. She then said that she had doctor records from up north. She saw a doctor and found out she was pregnant. The last thing they said was, as far as they knew she was off in Nova Scotia.


When I woke up, I realized that the dream may as well be true. I made myself let go for good. She is never coming back. I kept repeating that thought in my mind over and over. She is gone and she is never coming back. The more I think of it the more empty I feel, and I realize that I have been holding on to her for a long time. I have to accept the fact that she is gone now. For all I know, she is off in Nova Scotia.

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Yeah, and i think sometimes those dreams are our mind's way of telling us to let go, or somehow releasing them from our lives. I used to have dreams of trying to phone an ex and i couldn't dial the number, or they wouldn't answer, lol.

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Your brain is definitely helping you out. Because dreams seem so real, maybe this will help you to let go.


I've also been helped out by my brain. Once I got to the "angry phase" and realized that she wasn't all that great after all, I had a couple of nights of dreams where I had to see her with the person she left me for. I was so mad in my dreams and actually physically attacked her! In the last one though, I broke down crying and just said that I was sorry that I should just want her to be happy and that I shouldn't be reacting this way. Then I left the place where she was. That ended up being a major letting go moment/day for me.


Do you feel like these dreams have helped you to make any kind of progress or change?

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