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I feel vindicated...why does that make me so happy?


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Last may I finally had had enough with my ex husband. After June 1st of this year will be our divorce hearing.


I dealt with his cheating, his stealing and his lies for years. He cheated on me so often he's had two other children outside of our marriage. He has stolen two of my cars and totaled both of them leaving me and our children without a way to work or school. When we separated we got into such a heated argument he told me to get out of our house and when I picked up our son to leave he got in my face cussed me out and told me I wasn't taking him anywhere, he body checked me with our child in my arms..when I put my hand on his chest to tell him to stop. He called the police and said I had assaulted him. He kicked me and our children out of our apartment for four days on an assault charge..and had his girlfriend stay the night the entire time. Now he cries in court about how he misses his son and step son and how he's never done anything wrong.


I just laugh..he's so pathetic..and he makes me so damn angry.


He refuses to pay child support and spousal he's behind 3,300 right now. we keep going back to court for it. He also broke the protective order I have against him.. he never showed up for the court date so now he has a bench warrant out for his arrest.


I've told my lawyer I just want him in jail. He's not paying any child support, he rarely shows up to his court ordered visitations He even refuses to buy diapers for him when he's there with his son. He goes out to the clubs every saturday night. Either he's at the park or he's at corn beef. He can buy his way in a club and drink..but he can't financially take care of his son?


I'm so sick of this.. so far I have him for three contempts of court. I just want him in jail I could care less at this point what happens to him. why does it make me feel so good though? I feel guilty for enjoying making his life hell. but at the same time I'm so sick of the way he treated us that I feel he deserves it..


5 kids and he does nothing for them. 4 women he ignores and treats like crap. I don't know..I just want him to regret everything he's ever done to any woman and child...I want him to sit in jail knowing he's screwed up for the last time.. I don't feel I should enjoy it this much but god help me I can't help it..


I just want to be divorced and done with and he can run away and never come back it's what he does best..I just hope it's soon

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It is normal to feel some kind of satisfaction from his suffereing, especially since he has caused you such pain and misery.

It seems like you have gone to hell and back. I hope everything works out for you. Do not take him back. Move on and be there for your kids.

Good luck!

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I didnt even read your post. If you feel good for something about your ex you not over them. Sorry you can ruin their life and yours will be misery also. Your playing the devils hand. Dont fall for it. Do the right thing. Be the better man....... move on

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