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In despair, She wants an open relationship!


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Am I wrong for wanting affection back from the one I love? I've been with this girl for a long time, and I can NEVER do anything right.


I made a huge mistake and tried to find love in all the wrong places, yes I slept with a few girls looking for the affection I desired, of course I learned the hard way that you'll never find it in places outside of marriage. I whole heartedly apologized to her and gave her my fullest attention, it's been almost 2 years now, However.....



She cheated on me several times within the past two years and said the other day if I don’t give her sex she will find it again somewhere else. Don't get me wrong, I love sex, and she always goes first before me, I take her there as often as she wants.


BUT she wants an open relationship where she can have sex with other guys and says it's ok if I want to do the same.


Girls, does this mean? Is it over for us having any kind of normal loving relationship in the future? Am I playing the part of the fool right now? Should I leave her?


In despair

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looking for the affection I desired

I think the relationship was done at this point.


Seriously, to me it doesn't sound like she's poly but that she's removing herself from the relationship. If I were you, I'd call it a day (no point giving her an open relationship to try and keep her because it will just do you even more damage. They're great if you want to be in one and can put the work in, but if you don't...)

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