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i need advice on a great guy


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What does it mean when a man starts calling you baby?

so i've known this guy for a while and we talk all the time sometimes for up to 8 hours on the phone or online and he always says really sweeet things like that im important to him and i told him i loved him and now he says he loves me too sometimes even before i say it and has started calling me baby and honey. but he hasnt said anything about a relationship. i just sometimes dont know if its real or if he knows its what i want to hear. he always tells me i love you alot but i am at college and he lives really far and i am going to visit him after school is out but he doesnt ever really confirm what he wants from me once we are together he keeps saying he doesnt know the future.. so i told him i feel like i may lose him but he says im very important and will never lose him and that he loves me soo much.. but why wont he say he wants us to be together

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to answer your question...' baby'..'honey' 'sweetheart' are called 'sweet nothings' for a reason..


it only means something when you actually know someone, have been with them for a while and the tone of their voice gives a clear sign of their feelings for you..


otherwise..its nothing


He reads to me like ..the 'cyber guy'..or 'cyber player' the guy who is in it for the cyber pleasure..obtains a lot of pleasure being in the center of attention of the women he has an eye for..


I doubt that you will ever meet him for real..and if you do..you need to be aware of him not attending to other women's needs online once the cyberthrill of your interactions has gone...


All the 'we-talk' is to hold you in there.. but if you want to know what's up..then call his bluff. Ask him out..meet face to face..date him. take your interactions offline..Get to know the offline person and dont take any crap.


3 months is long enough for a pre-dating ritual. If he starts making any kind of excuse to why it isnt possible to date (right now)..then he is playing you...for whatever reason you are not going to be bothered finding out..because you are to busy moving on..


If he's not asking you out...he isn't that into you..

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Eee.... 3 months of friendship and he's already dropping the word love? Sounds.... VERY iffy. I agree with broken34. If you want to really try this relationship out, meet him in person and see if his actions matches with his words. But i think you should be extremely cautious when you interact with him (phone, in person, email, whatever) because a person who drops love before exclusivity or talks about a relationship is someone who isn't in it for the right reasons!

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