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Do you guys think that dreams have any significance in break-ups whatsoever?


I ask because, ever since my break-up, I've had only a few dreams about my ex. But I read a lot of people's posts on here who say they dream of the good times, or dream of them and their ex still being together, etc. In my case, I have ALWAYS dreamed of me breaking no contact, or fighting with him but we are not together and it's clear in the dreams that he's still out of love with me, etc. It's just weird I guess, that I've never had one dream where we're still together or we love each other.


Anyone know what I'm saying?

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Since the break up 3 weeks ago, I've dreamt of my ex 2 or 3 times. 2 times for sure, and both quite intense. I even woke up at 2am while in the midst of one of them, but soon went back to sleep (of course, to dream about her again).


To my memory, the woman in each dream did not look much like her, but embodied all that was her, if that makes sense. In my dream, it was her... though looked nothing like her. In each dream, we were having fun or just hanging out and enjoying each other's company. There weren't any parts of the dream that we actually lived, no direct references, but make-believe reminders that there was a "we".


Significance? I just think it's normal to have dreams (for a while) about something that had such a profound impact on your life. I'm not a deeper meaning kind of person when it comes to such things.

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It's been 3 months since my breakup, but I've dreamt about my ex twice.


One was the night after we broke up.. in the 2 hours of sleep I got, I dreamt that she and I were together in a car, driving down the pacific coast, like old times.


The other dream was about 2 weeks later, where I dreamed that I was with some close friends at an isolated house, she came by and wanted to speak to me privately, where we reconciled and kissed. I woke up smiling, and that made it even harder.

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It's so weird that you posted this because I was thinking about it a lot these past few days. Mainly because I have been dreaming of him every single night for the last 10 days. I can honestly say every night I have had some sort of dream involving him.

In some dreams we are happy and together and then in others I dream about the break up and him telling me he no longer loves me and finding someone else.


My sleep is pretty crap anyway, but the dreams just make it worse. I'm lucky if I get 3-4 decent hours of sleep.

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so many psychologist have so many diferent theories on dreams,

i am a psychology major and by what i have dreamnt, this is the theory i believe in.

dreams are basically devided into two in this theory,


nightmares & dreams...


-nightmares usually tend to be more straight out by what they mean,

say a person dreams about someone dying, its obvious they are scared to lose them for some reason.


-dreams are the tricky ones that get you confused and thinking, i believe dreams are the brain bringing back the events of a day and rethinking them, to store them for a future purpose. however usually in a different order which is what causes a new story to appear. for example today i had sex with my ex, i fell asleep while texting her, when we were together another friend texted me. in my dream i was in the store with my friend who had texted me and my ex texted me saying she had had sex with some guy.


also sometimes they can be both, in this dream i had it was, i am afraid of her having sex with other men but at the same time all the events that ocurred in my dream were things that ocurred this day.


this is also why we can usually remember nightmares more easly than dreams,

because the nightmares are some fear which we still have and the dream wasn't even real.


since i was around 10 i have been having nightmares about the world ending,

i can remember them almost perfectly and in each nightmare the world ended in a different way.

i guess this means i am afraid of my world ending... or i fear death.



this is just a theory i approve, and i only explained it briefly. remember there are more theories and none have been proven.

some theories say that dreams are a subliminal message of an event that will ocurr in a near future,

i have heard people say things like if you dream about fire money will come,

or if you dream with someone who you hadn't seen in a while and in the dream they were happy its because something is wrong with them.



if you are interested in dreams you should read the book i just bought,


"the interpretation of dreams by sigmund freud"






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if you wanna have some fun with your dreams, get a journal and write every dream you had detail to detail,

(do this right after you wake up as dreams tend to fade quickly and details get lost, it is said we usually only remember them when we wake up while we are having them, thats why some days you wake up not remembering if you had a dream or not)

then compare them to what you did the day before and what was on your mind, or if you wanna go the other way after some time go back to your journal and see if any of it became real... (how ever dreams are so vast that something will come true sooner or later)

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Ive dreamt a couple times of my ex. But we are just doing normal things, like Id be out at the beach and shed just be there, or other time I was on holiday and she was there.


Then I woke up.


One thing Ive noticed is I dont actually think much about coming home at nights now, I dont think sad thoughts of the fact shes not there to greet me or vice versa. Going home by myself feeling more and more normal as each passing day goes by.

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