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Initiating Contact on Match


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So, I just signed up for Match on Monday. On one hand, I've been pretty successful - 7 winks, 1 email, 100+ page views.


On the other hand, I've emailed 7 girls myself (including one who winked at me) and no replies. I had thought that at least some of the emails were pretty good - light but some jokes, pointed out something interesting/something we had in common. About half show up as "non-read" so they might not be subscribers.


My question is.... given that my wink/email ratio is 7/1 from girls, do girls prefer the same (wink rather than email)? Do they prefer an IM? What's the best way for a guy to initiate contact?


Form a guy's perspective, I'm okay with either.... although I think if I was borderline interested in the girl an email would make me much more likely to respond.


The whole process is a little strange and uncomfortable to me at this point....

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Me too. I appreciate it if a guy takes the time to do what it sounds like you do in your emails - make it obvious that you've read my profile, has something to say about them and maybe how it relates to his interests... basically laying the groundwork for a conversation to begin.


I generally don't respond to winks or emails that read something similar to "yo baby, ur cute. wanna chat?" or "do you want to talk to me?"


Be yourself, have confidence and keep at it. Don't take non-responses personally; it's just something that goes with the territory. Good luck!

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Email is the best way. You can wink too, that is kinda cute. But just a wink is a little weak. If you can pick up on something in her profile that is funny or worth mentioning, or some connection you have to any of her interests. Be polite and I CAN'T STRESS THIS ENOUGH: make sure your grammar is correct, that you use thEn and thAn correctly, that you use there, their, they're correctly, and that you actually punctuate your sentences.


I can't tell you how many emails I've disregarded because of utterly disgustingly bad grammar. It is a huge turn off to me. It might be to other girls too. Just double check your stuff.


Keep it light.


End it with something like "Well, I'll keep this short for now and if you'd like to, write back to me."


Try to have something at least slightly witty to say. If not, just be polite.


Good luck!!!

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