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Should I reactivate my online dating profile?


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hey all

Here is a quick update.

I put my profile back online on Sunday. I talked to him about it on Tuesday. I approached the situation sort of casual like "hey are you still online looking at other girls?". I didn't want to get all psycho about it. Anyway, he said no he wasn't and that he canceled his account. I replied that I went on the website the night before and it said he was online. He said the the account would expire on the 27th of this month and that the profile would go down then. He doesn't know why it was saying he was online because he wasn't and is not looking. He looked right in my eyes when he said this and seemed pretty genuine. Obviously I'm not that naive, so I have canceled my subscription, but left me profile up to see what happens. well, I went to check to see if my profile says I'm online at random times when I'm not and it does! I think it is some wacky thing the dating website may do. But I am still getting emails from other guys, so people can still contact me, which means that girls are still contacting him.

Since he seemed genuine with his explanation i'm not going to write him off right away, but I am just going to detach myself a bit. I'll wait until the 27th and then if his profile is gone then I'll hide mine too. I didn't ask him why he didn't hide his profile as well and I didn't tell him I reactivated my account.


I know you all are probably thinking this relationship is doomed and maybe it is, but now I want to wait and see what happens with this guy.

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