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Dating and calling?


Do you think a woman should call/text/msg a man during the dating phase of a relationship?  

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  1. 1. Do you think a woman should call/text/msg a man during the dating phase of a relationship?

    • A woman should NEVER call/text/msg. a man, even if he asks her to.
    • Yes, call/text/msg. but ONLY when he asks.
    • Yes, call/text/msg. anytime to show interest.
    • Other, state your response below.

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Well Ammy I didn't take the NC contact advice to heart and now I'm back with Mo. Part of me thinks he didn't believe I was interested in him until I sent those e-mails (there were two one was nasty break up e-mail the other was an I miss you one). So now I don't want to go and mess it with calling/not calling. KWIM?

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I call when I feel like it. Usually in the evening once I'm done everything I need to do for the day. If I know he is busy though I won't call, I'll wait for him to phone me. It all depends. When my bf and I first started dating he would send me txts throughout the day but he wouldn't call because he was scared of interrupting me (I was busier than he was in the evenings), and I would call when I got home.


He texted you several times per day after the first date? Isn't that supposed to be a turn off? What do you mean my early stages of dating?

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It's not about feeling superior it's because we are told that guys like the chase and if we don't give them a chase they'll lose interest in us.


No way, if you don't show us that you are interested we just move on!


Ladies, do not hesitate to contact your man, you don't have to say much..just the idea that you made contact gets the point accross.

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