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Do any of you know of any websites where you can look up your favorite books and then they will either:


1) Give you recommendations of similar books to that one




2) Place that book in a genre where you can look at some of the highest regarded books of the respective genre


While it's easy to find this stuff for movies and music, I've had little luck finding a site that could help me with book recommendations.

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Sometimes I use Amazon for that.

Search for a book you like and then they will say "People who bought this book also bought..." or give you book lists from people who've created list based on a central theme of the book.

Oh I know what you're talking about. Just never though about using it before. Thanks.

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If you have an account on link removed (its free to have just a normal account) then you can rate things. I go through sometimes and just a bunch of stuff off my bookshelf. The more you rate the better it knows your tastes/interests. Anything you rate, buy, or add to your wishlist is added to the calculation. Then you can click on the recommendations section and it'll have a list of suggestions. I've bought a number of books that way, some I really liked a lot.

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