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Birth control pills = increased appetite, weight gain?


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So I started birth control pills about two months ago. I've been on them before and was on them for many years. I've noticed in the past several weeks that I get hungry MUCH quicker. It's becoming an annoyance. I use to occasionally skip breakfast, or have a meal in a shake type drink and this was fine, I'd be ok until lunch time. It's difficult for me to eat solid foods early in the morning, like on days that I work. I can't stomach them--so the drink-meals work well for me. Now however, even when eating a decent breakfast, I am RAVENOUS by 12pm. As in, painful hunger. Then I'll eat a really big lunch, work until 5pm when I get out of work and by then again, I am simply ravenous. I mean, it will have only been maybe 4 hours after a BIG meal, but it feels like I haven't eaten all day.


I've gained weight. 5-6 lbs in a month. I know sometimes those pills will make you gain weight, but I don't think this is it entirely. I've been eating badly and more frequently due to being hungry more. Again, I want to be clear, this isn't just a mild hunger, this is hunger that cannot be ignored. If I leave it long enough, I'll start getting nauseated. I've never noticed this before, it's new to me.


Well, obviously I'm going to work to get the weight I've gained off. I'll just have to work on bringing snacks in and eating BETTER foods when I'm ravenous and not bad things.


What is up with this hunger though?

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I was on the pill for many years. I have noticed a significant difference in my overall metabolism ever since I stopped taking it and switched to an IUD.


In the past, when I was on the pill and tried to diet and exercise to lose weight, it would take a really long time for me to get results.


Now I am eating well but not even exercising as much as I once did, but I am consistently losing weight at a good pace.


I do find that I am less hungry off the pill and a lot less bloated.


With all that in mind, I still think the pill is a great option because even if you gain 10 pounds or get hungry easier- that is far better to contend with than having an unwanted pregnancy or gaining weight from a pregnancy. The pill is still a life-saver.


Try eating more frequent, smaller meals throughout the day and see if it helps with the hunger.

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