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Roommate Problems =[


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So, I'm having problems with my roommate. In a nutshell, she's cheating on her boyfriend and basically flaunting it in front of everyone. We share a room, and she has him sleep over and they do "things" while I'm in the room. I have had my boyfriend sleep over but we did nothing but sleep while she is in the room.


The whole situation makes me really uncomfortable. I don't know if I should say anything to her about it or not.

Any thoughts?

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Thanks so much guys, I'll probably bring it up eventually but it's just really awkward, since she doesn't feel like she's actually doing anything that would upset her real boyfriend.

I'll fill you guys in if that conversation actually happens.


Do you think it is wrong of me to not want this other guy sleeping here? He's a mutual friend in a way so I don't want to estrange either of them.

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