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I have been having a rough couple of weeks and really dont see that ending anytime soon.


I am finding it impossible to move on. I know the relationship is over, I know that my ex has reached a level of emotional acceptance that I am sure I will reach in time but I am nowhere near it yet.


How do you get there? How do you come to terms with the fact that all your precious memories are not meant for anything other than just memories anymore? How do you come to terms with the fact that your life is no longer anything that you thought it was. How are you supposed to forget the person that you were involved with for many years. How are you not supposed to feel depressed each day that that person does not reach out to you to try to reconcile what was once a great relationship. I am in a rut and really don't know where it will end. This loss has me really broken up and I have been doing the things suggested - pick up new hobbies, work longer hours, rekindle old friendships, etc etc but none of that makes me feel any better. The joy of being in the relationship really made me feel whole and I dont know how I will ever be able to share that again with anyone else.


Any tips or suggestions?

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well stay positive, it's only normal to feel the way you do , just know it is also normal to get over it. it takes time, a lot of time. but if you get hung up on them, them , them - it takes longer and hurts more.


it's about you!when they creep into your mind, replace them with something that makes you happy... i know it sounds simple but that's really most of it. retraining your brain to think positive instead of depressed.

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