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What to get for my guy???


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My boyfriend and I have been together for about a month now. Things are going great, and we're doing the long distance thing; we live 4 hours apart. He came to visit me last weekend and brought a little gift for me. It was small, but the gesture was really sweet and thoughtfull (a card with a gift card to Ikea, cause he knew i had to buy some things there, and 2 of my favourite chocolate bars).


He's coming again next weekend, and I feel like I should get him a little something in return. Any ideas anyone?????? He's my first boyfriend, so i'm not sure what is appropriate....

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Hmm.. the first gift I ever gave my boyfriend was something I made him.

I drew him a picture of a car, and I made him a CD of music I liked and thought he might enjoy, too.

If you're creative or even have a hobby or something, you could make him something. That always shows you're thoughtful.


If you were looking to spend some money, I'm not sure then, lol, but thought I'd give my input.

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Just put some thought into it.

A gift is about the person, what they want or like.

So, what does he like? Or want?

What are his hobbies, or interests...what does he enjoy doing? Has he been talking about something..movie, book, cd?

Send him your favourite movie.

Make him a CD of songs.

Bake him something, or put together a little goody bag of candies or sweets that he likes.


It's hard to suggest because we don't know him, and generally the best gifts are what the person wants or would enjoy.

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